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A Content Warrior’s Call to Monetize YOUR Efforts, My Blogger Friends

The Rise of King Content Part One

This was a recent response I had pot on a private message in regards to the Washington Post‘s renewed interest in online blogging and monetizing of content online and efforts I have seen to date. Feel free to comment of share.


I am very skeptical of dead tree, dead enders that need to take their fat union pensions and go, still really get how making money online works (Even with Bezos on top now) from blogging. They say they do, but monetization is still a problem for HuffPo or hyperlocal Patch and Examiner.com …. Why are you not?

BUT not Buzzfeed, or Upworthy, or us here at Liberty Alliance and our partners.

This thread seemed an appropriate spot for this note. We are really helping conservative bloggers get themselves paid and maintain control of their own voice and websites, but we do offer tons of services and tools that only larger players get access to share and members help member gain strong linkbacks and etc fairly quickly even if it is a new site.

Proud to tell you....

In its 7th annual Inc. 500|5000 exclusive ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies, the illustrious magazine placed Liberty Alliance at #25 amongst all media companies and #1726 overall.

And the ONLY conservative content specialists.

We even built an email marketing company, called InboxFirst, because of our email volumes (lowest cost per thousand sends anywhere, PERIOD).

We have a print shop, a Gun Store franchise called Liberty Guns, and a number of E-commerce stores for gear like Patriot Depot.

Hacktivists friends, quit talking about entrepreneurship or WAITING for some 501(c)3 donors, or billionaires to bankroll YOU via , get on it.

We are the gym, we provide the tools and training, even nutrition, but the partner has to do the work to get the hard body, to crush liberalism. Yes, those who write more and are better at digital marketing do better. .

Our new partners friends at Liberty Unyielding is early in the process to earn well….

Where our friends on these sites are now huge business on their own, but are stronger with us and each others help.
Sites              US People US People %        Global People Global People %
clashdaily.com        2,948,796 30.2%         4,315,333 37.4%
theblacksphere.net 2,027,462 20.7%      2,118,630 18.4%
allenbwest.com      1,800,399 18.4%         1,826,668 15.8%
joeforamerica.com 1,727,384 17.7%         1,824,501 15.8%

BUT, our earning per pageview or earning per email metric will be larger with us than in the wilderness on your own. Period.

If you don’t believe me check out our Liberty Alliance Network quantcast rankings and stats.

Try that my former employers (or check your current one) who even ditched their well respected local angle (but web local content is still have a tough go at monetizing) to double down on politics and writing talent and a low circ “Influencer Rag.”(The house ad ridden low circ mag to influencers is not the earner it should be and is lacking the ads from those K ST players that fill the others who publish in the space.)


Look if you are interested… Or just testing the waters…

Here is our membership application.


Or feel free to reach out. Or give us a shout at CPAC we will be around….

We also provide a number of services ala carte via a newly launched venture if full partnership is not needed nor desired (but ad networks, back office, redesign or is desired to name a few services.)


James Dellinger
Director of Content Marketing
Liberty Alliance LLC




A great place to live in urban DC

If you must live, work, and play in urban DC a great place just came on the market. The place this gentleman called home for a number of years. Many fond memories here but now its for some one lucky out there in internet land to enjoy her.  It is a coop and centrally located, hope you swing by and check it out this weekend.

On Redfin:


On Concrete Jungle DC



I am not a muppet, HSBC! $7.50 is too high a fee for the RIGHT to pay my mortgage online

Happy Mothers Day Yall. I am raging today.
Anyone else stuck with HSBC for a mortgage and notice a new $7.50 fee for PAYING your mortgage online in recent days” Thanks HSBC for the “privilege” to PAY online vs. snail mail? Out-frigin’ ragous… Dear dinosaurs at HSBC  US $7.50 for the right to pay my mortgage online is beyond outrageous. Ok?
Never getting my business ever again.

Look I know the regulators hav cracked down on where you can earn fee income, I get it. I can’t fault a bank for being a bank. BUT, when everyone else is forcing people online because of processing overhead you are now forcing back to snail mail because of fees. WTF?

If this has happened  to you and are as angry feel free to comment or tweet to me @jdellinger.


New Job Scam of the Week Mrs. Amanda Interview Manger Mrs. Campell Dakota

Scammer Information

Name Mrs. Amanda Interview Manger Mrs. Campell Dakota More Like This
Email Address Hiringdepth411@yahoo.com More Like This
Telephone 661-462-7934 More Like This
Fax 661-462-7934 More Like This
Scam Details Job scam via text message to meet on Yahoo IM sent to my wife a few weeks back. Job scams annoy me to know end so if we get them we report each one


Did I mention I hate job scams? Here is the report ad scamdex to add to if it has happened to you.


How is your credit score, no wait I mean #Klout score?

I actually don’t care, but I had to share this humorous xtranormal take on the social media ranking service klout.com. Tomorrow I will look a bit deeper at why this xtranormal take was timely. Thanks and h/t to gigaom.

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