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Mozilla, Reddit, 4Chan, and 83 other sites want 500 million users to tell government to ‘stop watching us’


fake Autodesk employment scam using from Susanj.Alexander an

Below is a recent employment scam I reported to this week that was attempted on me last week. I have not blogged in a while but I thought I would share.


Name Susanj.alexander (fake yahoo messanger ID)  
Email Address  
Scam Website  
Telephone 7727833117  
If it sounds too good to be true it is. A few months back I was aggressively looking for full time work as I have just gotten out of graduate school and moved back to my state after being away for many years and was using the shotgun approach to finding work, until I got mad at the entry level call backs and just started contracting again.
Contacted by text about a job interview with “Autodesk” for remote work. It was not in my target zone, but I am always willing to listen. Ignored the texts, but they got real pushy I took the interview with “Susanj.alexander,” but was suspicious once I was asked if I bank accounts and credit cards and their english us and syntax was very poor. But I felt them out. Of course, I got the “job.” I asked for an email or call from someone from the company, after “they talked to HR,” A number of hours later, I got a congrats email from… (opened in a clean browser) and more pushy texts. Yea, that is not the corporate domain or even a good bluff of it. What would I not check?
Luckily the online info they got from me is already publicly available. But I have upped my defenses of my identity online and the security of my browsers and changed all my passwords in a methodical way to prevent future social hacking.
If you are hanging a bit more leg out looking for work, just remember you are putting yourself at risk for getting phished or scammed. I learned the hard way.




Scam Email more info
Official Letter from the company Auto-desk.Inc Fill it up and email it back. Best Regards Stanley Davis Auto-desk.Inc ——=_Part_11059_1910961541.1365720391123 Content-Type: application/octet-stream; name=”Official Letter from the company3.doc” Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64 Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=”Official Letter from the company3.doc”



First ever Science Hack Dublin was a great success

On the first weekend in March the first ever Science Hack Dublin took place at Dublin City University (DCU). The all-day and all-night event (36 hours) consisted of scientists, engineers, programmers, designers and many DCU students joining forces to find solutions (hacks) for problems during a brief but intense period of collaboration.

After the morning meet and greet the event kicked off with two rounds of lightning talks where those with an interesting idea pitched to teams of programmers, hackers, engineers and designers who then formed teams to work on the projects over the course of the weekend.
Altogether there were eight aspiring teams hoping to develop  a potential start-up opportunity for themselves.Throughout the Saturday & Sunday the DCU Hub turned into a hive of creativity as each team strived for the spark to ignite their projects!

Event Co-Organiser David McKeown praised DCU and paid credit to the Students Union and Presidents office who donated to the running of this non-profit event ”DCU have been very supportive by letting us stay overnight as well as their noteworthy sponsorship of the event, we choose DCU, because it is known as a University of innovation throughout Dublin.”

DCU was very well represented at the event: PhD student Alan Armstrong pitching his idea at ways to use interactive gaming for rehabilitation of stroke victims’ coordination and Max Hoffman with his fellow DCU Computer Applications students developed a music database website. There were also a number of DCU e-commerce students there working on the commercialisation and digital marketing aspect of the project.
“All in all the weekend was a great success, the internet was top-notch and the facilities really catered for this amount of people” said a tired David McKeown. Take a look at some of the Hack’s winning projects.

Dublin was the 6th city in the world to run a Science Hack Day after London, San Francisco, Mexico City. Cincinnati and Cape Town with another 24 planned to run throughout 2012.

The next event takes place Mini Maker Fair takes place the 14th of July, this is a Science Fair for Adults taking place at the Science Gallery. One can register for that event at

written by Patrick Greene 

Updated: Self taught jobs skills and getting your e-learn on. The ode to Bucky Roberts and other e-learning pioneers.


Are you a modern web worker but did not spend four to eight years in the computer science lab?  Don’t want go thousands into debt for a new degree, but have hours of time and a keen interest in teaching yourself new skills sets? Get inspired or depressed with this vid.

Well, likely you are not alone. As the web evolves and the skills needed continue your career as a web worker evolve and new skill sets are needed even in less technical web roles, where do you turn to?  Bless you peer-to-peer publishing and cheap media production costs.

I have recently been learning basic Java and object orientated programming (OOP) (for disclosure for a class yes, but the tutorials have been extremely helpful, hence the post).

My past exposure to traditional programming was via summer seminar learning  Basic, Pascal, and C++ when I was much, much younger and less, less interested. Or hacking up ugly uncommented out Velocity (dead apache tempelating language)  and XML templates in a work setting to build traffic over many weekends. Two very different ways to learn and work through pretty tough material.

The third way is the pure classroom old pedagogical model pay tuition model… This has many benefits and draw backs as well especially if you have a learn-by-doing learning style. However, it does force you to block out a specific amount of time to figure out tools and learn. But sometimes you want to learn m0re and not drop the money for a tutor…. Or you need to learn some skills for a specific project or to be able to speech competently about it.

This led me to learn about TheNewBoston the home of Bucky Robert’s tutorials are great for step by step concepts instructions, but only if you know the theory behind what you are doing. You can spend days and grow your web beard long with the amount of information you can gain just by watching and following along.

For OOP theory  explained well if you are like me and ask “why” all the time, I am a big fans of the Baltimore based  fellas at and the green wibit frog. Mid Atlantic region represent! Love the corridor. These guys provide the kind of advise anyone getting into programming, software engineering, or development should start with before you dive in. They are really quite good at explaining the relationship between procedural languages and OOP and moving your mental framework from one to the other.

I have also found some really great lectures on iTunes U, but less for what I am currently interested in learning and what I want to learn in the future. Mostly academic and class lecture audio driven, but the content is very high-end. But audio lectures are not what I am looking for in e-learning.

I digress… If you want to learn the core concepts of how all the wonderful software and applications most of you take for granted everyday works and was made join up. Learning what you can do with to add new things into the world and join a well-developed friendly community of learners (the wibit boards or Bucky’s youtube comments), they may be a few steps ahead or behind you so be nice. Then join up with Bucky and the fellas learn and participate and get learning.

The great thing about these tutorials are they make you want to learn much much more… and the amount of material available for the introductory price of free is unreal. If you include those others out there they like as well like PHPAcademy on youtube…

Just remember, you got to hit them back when you land your new gig or that big raise. The more you give the more you get back. Or until you do just write a blog post singing a few praises and giving them some nice linkbacks.

Keep up the great work and a big thanks to your teams that work with you to develop your material and scripts. Not to mention all the jokes built-in to the material makes learning fun.

If  you have the spare bucks and can afford $49 bucks a month I highly recommend TeamTreehouse and their growing video library.

Or maybe you wanna learn some JavaScript, and now much more? CodeAcademy is really great, and I  love the social aspect of the training and its free. Glad to see their couses available free are growing.

Here are a few more I have used or found and may explore in further detail:

More Java..

W3Schools are a great resource, but not video learning driven.

JavaScript, etc…

A few paid online software-training sites. (They often have cheap self-edu deals and more if you are looking) (paid web and in person joomla, drupal, and wordpress training) (I am interested in learning CoffeeScript first training of it I have seen offered)

Drupal Gardens from  the Aquia folks in Co, is a great way to learn the content user side of drupal for publishing. If you are not quite ready to dig in the FAQs and tutorials.

Got a question? Sign up for Quora the question answer format around subjects is very helpful.

Some great resources links for journalism converts into frontside development.

Free University courses online.

Many more at Coursera.


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