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10 MUST READ Reasons! Hard News is Losing to King Content

The rise of King Content, Part Two: (I was pretty gruff in part one.)

Did you LOVE that listicle like headline and upcaping? Well of course you did. It is not even a coherent statement but most are not! It is the

Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

reason hard news (not EXTRA type entertainment infotainment ‘news’) is dying or much less profitable on the internet than its previous  dead tree incarnation.  TV was immune from this until I saw CNN interviewing Dennis Rodman again today. ‘BREAKING NEWS Dennis Rodman is a total mess and a walking talking train wreck,’ this not NOT news, just content (and not really my taste.)

But that is what Jeff Zucker is doing there anyway, I don’t like the content except for Bourdain per se, but I feel what is going on.

Adapt or die. I am not certain that the rise of content and the death of hard  news are certain, but  Beiber beating NSA spying is showing you

even the live TV crews are moving away from real actual news into King Content in a BiG WaY.

Is there any good news? Well, yea, blogger who have wanted to get paid working and making and breaking news even Agg’ing news can get paid. There just needs to be some sugar and brain candy with raw broccoli and cauliflower hard news and let procedural news go. Process stories that use to be the bread and of media companies cannot compete online, period. Business and foreign affairs attract nerdy niches and even these bastions have grasped the concept of King Content better than most (The Economist for one).

Beiber, Bourdain, cats, dogs, memes, Rodman, and the speed of twitter have destroyed process journalism and the model every 50+ Editor or Managing Editor (even those that are good humored, worth there salt and pension.) Admit it and move forward.

Let me know what you think.

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21 memorable local Washington Examiner covers |

21 memorable local Washington Examiner covers |

Sad to see her go…


Moving on to Liberty Alliance from Dialog New Media

Hey Everyone!

I just wanted to let y’all know some exciting recent news! After an exciting two years on and off, hanging my hat with at Dialog New Media working for Matthew Sheffield and his team with our various clients in the non-profit and private sectors and my year plus at Dublin City University studying E-Commerce, I am moving on. Matthew thanks again, for the flexibility you offered me to work while I was in graduate school, I hope I have added value to your growing firm. Our superb client work at CPAC 2012 for ACU and 2013 for TPNN are among my favorite memories over the last few years. I would also like to thank the MECB and NGM programs at DCUBS and the entire team (especially @theolynn) in Dublin for inspiring me and growing my confidence with the skills I learned in my year plus with y’all and my class of 2011-2012 cohorts to move forward with my career.

As of July 16th, I will be the first Director of Content Marketing at Liberty Alliance LLC in Powder Springs, GA. I am very excited to go to work for Brandon and Jared Vallorani and help bring their content and their ever-expanding list of partners content, not to mention growing catalog of e- Commerce merchandise to a growing audience. “I think James has a uniquely suited background of experiences and contacts to help us accelerate the growth of the Liberty Alliance and its current partners readership. We see him helping us expanding the number of authors in partnership, that may be interested in our commercially supported content model.”

Having spend a number of years working inside the 495 Beltway bubble at Capital Research Center and the Washington Examiner, it has been great getting back to Georgia and getting to know this hard-working bunch, coming up with innovative solutions to one of the toughest problems in the media shift to internet, “How does content support itself?”

This is still a question most content oriented groups and firms are wrestling with today and especially in the news business, as all seek both, “mind share” and advertising dollars in an endlessly expanding array of information sources.

It will be a joy to aid this growing family oriented firm’s growth, that is proving every day that it is possible to monetize conservative content on the internet.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or possible interest in Liberty Alliance LLC partnership program or if you would like to advertise with us.



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