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A Dublin Neighborhood Pushes Its Boundar

A Dublin Neighborhood Pushes Its Boundaries //Did not go to one of them in 15 months


Cartoon Claims Obamacare Means Men Will

Cartoon Claims Obamacare Means Men Will Get STDs From Women Who Can Now Afford Birth Control

Why the father of PHP doesn’t like prog

Why the father of PHP doesn’t like programming | VentureBeat | Dev | by christinafarr

Center for Media and Democracy: Liberals

Center for Media and Democracy: Liberals are morally superior «

Time’s Mark Halperin: Death Panels Are

Time’s Mark Halperin: Death Panels Are ‘Built Into’ ObamaCare | NewsBusters // Panels or price tag?

Designer Builds Shotgun, Grenade With It

Designer Builds Shotgun, Grenade With Items Bought at Airport Terminal | Digital Trends

I def recommend #Popeyes cajun fried tur

I def recommend #Popeyes cajun fried turkey this holiday season. $40 buck, but man so much food freaking and so tasty and all without that risk of burning your house down.

Comically Incorrect 2014 Calendar – The

Comically Incorrect 2014 Calendar – The Patriot Depot

WoW! ” #HellonWheels ,” how did I miss

WoW! ” #HellonWheels ,” how did I miss this? So dark, so AMC gritty…. Where was I?

Nonprofit groups often seek restitution,

Nonprofit groups often seek restitution, not prosecution, when money goes missing – The Post

Half-baked: Gov’t Restricts Homemade Co

Half-baked: Gov’t Restricts Homemade Cookie Sales. WHAT????????

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