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Family Robs Church Then Has Yard Sale

The Black Sphere


Viewty – Tomorrow’s Hottest Viral Video

Viewty – Tomorrow’s Hottest Viral Videos Today.

September 30th PHF Hydrocephalus Awarene

September 30th PHF Hydrocephalus Awareness Money Bomb – YouTube

God Fearin’ Conservative (Back Version)

God Fearin’ Conservative (Back Version) – The Patriot Depot #deal #oftheday #gear #tcot

There’s so much more to see and learn…

Daily World Watch

This is going to be different.

I was checking Facebook the other day after coming back from my office. It was usual…a whole day editing atrociously written PR pieces and news stories…and an odd feature from a novice writer, with potential. Three cups of coffee, a monotonous bus journey back to my flat, in my semi-comfy couch, with a beer and fish fry…doing my fair share of social networking, which generally is checking cat photo updates, mostly…and some occasional interesting news and trivia…when I came across this post.

There’s an attraction in a nomadic lifestyle. Especially when you’re thirty, and have a job of an editor in a fortnightly broadsheet paper. Especially when you’re an Indian. For those who didn’t get the reference…here’s a pro-tip. When you were travelling, do you remember how many Indian backpackers you saw? That’s right…almost none. Indians don’t backpack that much. Travel means a…

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Who Needs a Gun? Paramedics. Ambulance CARJACKED in Philly w/ Patient in Back

Bullets First

Last week in Philadelphia an ambulance was carjacked on its way to a hospital.  The carjacker removed the two EMS personnel from the ambulance at gun point and drove off with a patient in the back.

The jacker, 25-year-old Brian Timothy Kada Jr, drove erratically, weaving in and out of freeway traffic and eventually having to abandon the ambulance after disabling it.  He fled on foot and was eventually arrested by police.

The patient in the back of the ambulance was shaken up but all together unharmed from the carjacking.

While fortunate no one was injured, this once again shows in whose hands gun control leaves power, because paramedics are disarmed while carjacking thugs could care less about gun control laws.

The rules of being licensed as a paramedic in Pennsylvania specifically state that as a paramedic you are prohibited from carrying a weapon to defend yourself.

The regulations covering this…

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Bill #Gates admits #Control-Alt-Delete w

Bill #Gates admits #Control-Alt-Delete was a mistake, blames #IBM

Hey @comcast, your VOIP to outsourced sa

Hey @comcast, your VOIP to outsourced sales service center in India only #failed three times on a call. #fixthat. -Customer and Shareholder

Things I Never Thought Would Happen In A

Things I Never Thought Would Happen In America

Freebies for Newbies Part 2: Copyright-Free Image Sites

Freelance Writing for Newbies

file0001735386118I do freelance   photography along with freelance writing, which helps me a lot with the writing side.

I’ve seen a lot of frustration on writers’ forums lately on the lack of free image sites.

I mean free-free, not pay-for-one-time-usage/sign up for a yearly paid contract ‘free.’

After finding so much free image frustration, I’ve come up with a fairly recent (read: the last month) compilation of sites that are in some way ‘free.’

They might be ‘kind of free,’ where you need certain permissions; or ‘fairly free’ where you simply acknowledge the photog or link to a site; or ‘superbly, wonderfully free-‘ to do with as you wish.

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I can dig this. White Papers: The Key to

I can dig this. White Papers: The Key to B-to-B Enterprise SEO Power

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Freelance Writing for Newbies

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Surly yet civil commentary.

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