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A Year After Launch (And With 300K Sites Created), ‘Social Front Page’ RebelMouse Mulls Ad Strategy

As they probably have to, never really understood its other possible revenue models.


What do you get when you cross a Progressive with a Libertarian?

The aversion to “corporatism” is found in all ideological streams and both major parties; however, the K ST interests involved in regulatory capture has occurred on a grand scale to the detriment of everyone else. Its not about money in politics it is about access.

The Secular Jurist

In a 21st century world where the power of multinational corporations and centralized governments rule in tandem, grassroots movements in opposition to this kind of global authoritarianism are springing up across the political spectrum.  Traditional rivals on the left and right are increasingly finding themselves unified against new revelations of institutional corruption, government secrecy, domestic surveillance, erosion of civil liberties, suppression of journalism, collusion of international trade, dismantling of internet freedom, and the expansion of state-sponsored militarism.

It’s agreed, they really don’t like corporatism.

These strange bedfellows are lefty progressives and righty libertarians, who both share some reluctance over their unexpected alliance.  That hesitance is quite understandable considering their philosophical antipathy over issues like the size, scope, and purpose of the federal government.  However, their disagreements are more often theoretical than material.  Put a progressive and a libertarian in a room and you’ll likely get an hours-long debate…

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Vine gets a Kindle Fire App as Instagram video usage soars

Who does not love a little platform competition?

New PRISM slides say the program allows NSA to eavesdrop on live conversations



As controversy continues to swirl around whistleblower Edward Snowden and his whereabouts, the Washington Posthas published several more slides from the NSA presentation that the former CIA staffer leaked to both the Post and the Guardian — slides that provide further details about the surveillance program known as PRISM and how it functions.

Among other things, the slides highlight the large discrepancies between the way the program is described and the strenuous denials from tech giants such as Google (s goog), Yahoo (s yhoo), Microsoft (s msft) and Facebook (s fb) about their participation in such a program.

For example, according to annotations from the Post — based on what the newspaper says is its own reporting, as well as other slides that haven’t been published yet — PRISM involves “government equipment on private company property” that is used to retrieve information from “participating companies such as Microsoft or…

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Are Businesses Crossing Lines by Tracking Employees?

Not sure how I feel about this… but uneasy at least.

My Black Lab

Expert Cites Benefits & Ways to Ease Privacy Concerns

Nearly 10 years after real-time package- and people-tracking went viral with the advent of GPS-enabled cell phones, small businesses face two big concerns.

“One is expense. Small businesses, especially those still recovering from the worst recession in modern history, can’t always afford to provide their employees with GPS-equipped smart phones,” notes location-based services specialist George Karonis, founder and CEO of LiveViewGPS, Inc., provider of Mobile Phone Locate tracking service,  (

“The second issue is privacy. People generally don’t want their employer to be a ‘big brother’ boss who can track their every move. It’s not because they’re doing something they shouldn’t, but because it invades their space, and the information could be misinterpreted or misused.”

But employee tracking has plenty of obvious benefits to small business owners:

• Provide baseline information. It gives businesses solid data to analyze…

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Why Gaming Needs Violence

Sadly, politicians of all stripes want to use the ninny state to wipe out whatever public vice they see of the day… perceptions of sex or violence in the media/games/etc…

Instagram video sends Vine sharing on Twitter plummeting

I still like Vine, but don’t feel much internal community in it, where Instagram has the small feel that Facebook once did, that was then replaced by twitter, and no Instagram and tons of other smaller apps G- and etc…


The impact of Instagram’s new video product on Vine was felt almost immediately, but a new report paints a far scarier picture of Vine’s decline now that Instagram is looking to eat its lunch. Using Topsy’s analytics tool, Marketing Land ran a quick analysis of links to Instagram and links to Vine posted on Twitter during the 30-day period ending on June 26th. The results are pretty staggering, and quite disconcerting for the Twitter-owned Vine app. According to Topsy, Vine videos shared on Twitter sat at about 2.5 million on June 19th, the day before Facebook added video-sharing to Instagram. That figure plummeted 40% on June 20th as video rolled out to Instagram users, and it continued declining to just 919,000 on June 26th. Meanwhile, a total of 1.49 million Instagram videos and images were shared on June 26th, according to Topsy’s data.

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Gawker’s plan to buy crack video goes up in smoke

I just think most folks believe it is true since the paper already saw the video. What is the need to confirm and glorify drug abuse. Intresting #journofail anyway. Nice attempt tho…


Gawker’s strange experiment in crowd-funded journalism has come to an end. No one, it turns out, was willing to come forward to collect $200,000 in exchange for a video of Toronto’s mayor smoking crack cocaine.

The tabloid website, which raised the money through a crowd-funding project known as the “Rob Ford Crackstarter Fund,” will distribute the money to a Canadian charity now that a 30 day window to collect the money has expired.

“I’m presently reaching out to potential recipients to find a good home for the money. Hope to have something to announce soon,” Gawker editor, John Cook, wrote in reply to an email query.

Gawker launched the crowd-funding project after men in Toronto showed him a cell phone video depicting the mayor sucking on a crack pipe and calling the leader of Canada’s liberal party a “fag.” Veteran reporters at the country’s largest newspaper also saw the…

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