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New Job Scam of the Week Mrs. Amanda Interview Manger Mrs. Campell Dakota

Scammer Information

Name Mrs. Amanda Interview Manger Mrs. Campell Dakota More Like This
Email Address More Like This
Telephone 661-462-7934 More Like This
Fax 661-462-7934 More Like This
Scam Details Job scam via text message to meet on Yahoo IM sent to my wife a few weeks back. Job scams annoy me to know end so if we get them we report each one


Did I mention I hate job scams? Here is the report ad scamdex to add to if it has happened to you.



fake Autodesk employment scam using from Susanj.Alexander an

Below is a recent employment scam I reported to this week that was attempted on me last week. I have not blogged in a while but I thought I would share.


Name Susanj.alexander (fake yahoo messanger ID)  
Email Address  
Scam Website  
Telephone 7727833117  
If it sounds too good to be true it is. A few months back I was aggressively looking for full time work as I have just gotten out of graduate school and moved back to my state after being away for many years and was using the shotgun approach to finding work, until I got mad at the entry level call backs and just started contracting again.
Contacted by text about a job interview with “Autodesk” for remote work. It was not in my target zone, but I am always willing to listen. Ignored the texts, but they got real pushy I took the interview with “Susanj.alexander,” but was suspicious once I was asked if I bank accounts and credit cards and their english us and syntax was very poor. But I felt them out. Of course, I got the “job.” I asked for an email or call from someone from the company, after “they talked to HR,” A number of hours later, I got a congrats email from… (opened in a clean browser) and more pushy texts. Yea, that is not the corporate domain or even a good bluff of it. What would I not check?
Luckily the online info they got from me is already publicly available. But I have upped my defenses of my identity online and the security of my browsers and changed all my passwords in a methodical way to prevent future social hacking.
If you are hanging a bit more leg out looking for work, just remember you are putting yourself at risk for getting phished or scammed. I learned the hard way.




Scam Email more info
Official Letter from the company Auto-desk.Inc Fill it up and email it back. Best Regards Stanley Davis Auto-desk.Inc ——=_Part_11059_1910961541.1365720391123 Content-Type: application/octet-stream; name=”Official Letter from the company3.doc” Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64 Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=”Official Letter from the company3.doc”



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