RIP Samuel D. Guy

Below is the eulogy I gave on Monday March 19th in Roswell, GA for my grandfather Samuel D. Guy. I am posting it out of respect for his enormous legacy to family and friends. I have no doubt, I would neither be politically cantankerous nor a gentleman without his influence. Basically, I doubt I would be writing, at all, blog or not, without his many years in my life.

Helloooo—. I am James Dellinger Sam’s oldest and ‘favorite— first— grandson,’ as he would say.

I wanted to first, thank all of you for your kind words and prayers over the last week. I am an editor, technologist, and salesman by profession and this is, — honestly, the hardest job of my life.

31 years of memories of your hero, condensed into just few minutes. I have given speeches about Sam before in DC on the subject of, ‘Who is your conservative, hero?’  But today is not a day for the “politics of the Papa,” but for celebration and remembrance of a man who deeply shaped my life and —- maybe yours.

So many wonderful memories and lessons learned. Where would I even start?

Every young child deserves a Papa, but they don’t all get one. We did. My Papa was there for me, and in the ways I needed him to be, even when I didn’t know, I needed i“No matter what accomplishments you make,– somebody– helped you.”Althea Gibson once said.

One is always god, the second is likely your mother. But who is your third? Mine– was my Papa. I have never lost a hero to everlasting life that awaits us in god’s kingdom. This week I did. My Grandfather Samuel D. Guy (Papa) was just that, my hero. However, I know, I AM -comforted in knowing — he is safely at eternal peace with Christ.

For the bible, — and the last book he encourage my wife and I to read, together, “Heaven is for Real,” tells us so. And so would he….

I am blessed to have gotten 31 years with him in my young life. Blessed. I am not sad for him, but for all of us— who have lost one the most compassionate and dignified men we have ever known.

He was my personal Cincinnatus. (That famed Roman, leader of men– more happy working his land,— than be- just about anywhere else.)

You see, my Papa was no, “gentleman of leisure,” he believed in, and taught me,— among many other things,– hard work. Not, “loafin’ and loungin’ around. “Who retires to farm work, anyway? Pawpaw Sam. But- that was just the man he was. He was also a most kind and gentle soul you could hope to encounter.

We shared many, many interests. Among them—- A… sneaky ice cream cone, cats, playin’ gin rummy and scrabble, gambling, pecan pie, steaks, a good chat with a stranger, sneaking into Nanny cookie ‘vault’ the stock market, dislike of broccoli, and of course- talking about politics and the news.

I would never have become the driven man I am today, without him—- being there for me — with his lessons, kindness and encouragement, and even some expectations. That’s love.

Thanks for being there — and having such a big, happy heart for all of us.

Papa, — know,— we all love you. I will feel you everyday in my heart. I may have my daddy’s beard,— but I proudly got my Papa’s ears. And I think I might finally have to meet a fewwww more relatives,— and fewwww friends today, —- just for you.


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